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Taylor Swift confirms details for new album "1989"

Soooooo… this site apparently has all of the track-listings of 1989 (even the deluxe). Interesting. 


not that im obsessing over haylor but track 11 where she wrote it herself tho

I think it’s about taking pride in the fact that you know who you are and it honestly doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t understand you.

Taylor Swift talking about Shake It Off (Radio 1 August 19th 2014)

(Source: talldrinkoftaylor, via tswiftdaily)

I think my life has changed in ways that have surprised me. You know, deciding to spend my time in New York, cutting my hair, becoming all of a sudden surrounded by this great group of strong, beautiful, smart women who challenge me and push me forward. Those are all changes in my life, and you know, I think with this album, I try not to do anything too overtly, like yes my life is consisting of priority on friends right now, but I dont have any song that’s like, Best Friends Anthem!, like I really am trying to put these messages across subtlety and tell stories where kind of those aspects of my life are felt rather than kind of said to you.

—Taylor Swift on writing about friendship on ‘1989’ (x)